Having state of the art equipment we can now create videos with angles no one has ever seen. Having a different perspective on things is like looking at a field of Dandelions you can either see a magnitude of weeds or a million wishes.


Hermann started his career in the Film Industry ten years ago when he first did his own small videos of his brothers racing in his mom's garden with bikes. He continued to finish his high school in Pionier High School in Vryheid KZN. After school he went to study the Film and TV arts at The Open Window where a acquired a BA Degree. Throughout his time at university he worked on numerous sets and films such as Donkerland, 7de Laan, Platteland and doing music videos with artists like Lizz Meiring, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Karlien van Jaarsveld as well as Leah. After university he traveled to London to go work there for six months working on set of Star Wars. Hermann also has an amazing eye for Photography and capturing creative pictures of everyday objects. Today he is the owner of AH Productions.